Hydrate Water Tracker Planner Sticker Sheet #HSS001
Hydrate Water Tracker Planner Sticker Sheet #HSS001

Hydrate Water Tracker Planner Sticker Sheet #HSS001

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Confession: I find it really REALLY hard to drink water. I KNOW it's good for me, but I would rather reach for a coffee, tea, or a soda than pour myself a cup of water.

Crazy right? I know that water is THE BEST thing to drink, but I struggle.

That's why I created these super cute water tracker kisscut stickers to place in my planner each day to remind myself HOW much I need to drink and also to look back to see how much I DIDN'T drink the day before. 

Since using the water trackers I see a pattern that at the start of the week I am really good, and by mid-week I don't even look at water as an option. 
So now when I reach for my planner & check off the days list I also reach for the water bottle to make sure I can check off those super cute little water tracker glasses too!

18 stickers per sticker sheet - colour in using your favourite pen - I use the TOMBOW 451 

Each sticker measures 1.5" long which is perfect for the HAPPY PLANNER DAILY VERTICAL boxes. 

💌 Size - The sticker sheet is LARGER than most & measures approximately 4.2" x 5 5" - 11cm x 14cm

💌 HANDDRAWN & made on the Gold Coast, Australia by me. 

💌 Material - Our stickers are kiss-cut and printed on a PREMIUM Matte Adhesive Paper (known in the trade as “ #unicornpaper “ ), which means that all the stickers are non-removable once placed and have a silky smooth matte finish. (They feel delicious!)

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