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What letting go of anxiety & fear look like to live your most brilliant life possible

“I have so much to do”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I’m always tired/scared/broke/lonely”

What if you decided that your Life from day onwards was easily fun, adventurous, rich?

What does that look like? How does it feel?

Every single day, every single one of us has a Do Over.

Every single fucking day.

The Ultimate Waitress that is Life, The Universe & Everything wakes us from our sleep with the same request since birth.

What do you WANT?

What do you NEED?

How do you want to FEEL?

What did you decide that was today?

More pain, more stress, more loneliness?
More happiness, more connectedness, more money, more love, more joy, more adventures?



Decide better for yourself. Drop the drama, drop the bullshit. Drop the excuses of not having what everyone else has.

And decide to have it.

It’s that easy

DECIDE to have the ultimate life that ever was lived.

DECIDE to let all that past shit go & embrace Life right now how it is offered to you.

Easily. Abundantly. Adventurous. Loving. Free.


Not your partner, or your family or your friends, or society, or the government.

You are the controller of your own thoughts, your own decisions.

You have the power to say YES.

You have the power to say NO.

You have the power to say Not right now

You have the power to say Let’s fucking just go for it.

It’s ALL your choice. Your decision.

That’s how powerful you are.


So why are you struggling? Why are you stressing? Have you forgotten your power? Have you forgotten your a Mother Fucking Manifestor?

You manifested this crazy fucked up life. With all it’s drama & struggle & fear & anxiety. And you are an expert at it. You do it non stop. Every day. Attracting the nonsense & the unease.

Now it’s time to stop. Breathe. Let ALL that SHIT go.

And change your mind.

Make a decision. Decide to do it different.

Today your Life & everything you want to attract is easily fun, adventurous & rich.

Now go make that happen!

And remember –

Stay Awesome. Be YOU.











47 video prompts to become a Mother Fucking Lighthouse

For those who know their best is yet to come – but don’t know how to get it.
This is for you.

For those who have struggled almost all their Lives but still KNOW deep down that they WILL SUCCEED.
This is for you.

For those who feel that they just need that extra edge, that extra bit of knowledge from the Universe to give yourself permission to do whatever the fuck you want.
This is for you.  

For those who are ready to drop the drama & have the best fucking life ever!
This is for you.

47 videos. approx 1min – 2min long.

Yours. For Life.


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