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Podcast episode 007 -What part of your story in the past are you showing up for?

So many times in our lives we tell a story of our Past like it only happened yesterday. The twists, the turns, the heartache, the heartbreak, the devastation, the loss. We receive the energy that we feel we need from others, & go merrily on our way, trying to attract new listeners to our never ending story of woe. 

And then we wonder why we never get what we want. And wonder why WE continue to struggle in Life while everyone else seems to be receiving everything they always wanted. 

Did that just sum up your entire life story?

Do you continue to wonder WHY you just can’t seem to get out of this rut that you seem to always be in? 

It’s because you keep rehashing the same old story, hoping for the snippet of energy you receive from others, that small little dopamine hit, that will carry you throughout your day until you start believing that your life will ALWAYS be this shit, this bad, this hard. 

And then you once again come to the place of ‘why is everyone getting everything they ever wanted, and I struggle?’

But can’t you see?

You Life has ALWAYS been an amazing adventure of twists & turns, of heartbreak & VICTORY! 

It’s what you are FOCUSING on the most that comes to you. 

Life, The Universe & Everything only gives you EXACTLY what you are a match for. Like attracts like. Always has. Always will. 

So, how can you break away from this perpetual loop of not getting what you believe you deserve?

You need to choose different. 

Choose a different story to tell. Choose a different mindset to be in. Choose a different energy to bring in to a conversation with friends & family. 

Choose to remember the times when Life was amazing, that you received exactly what you wanted. 

Bring that in to your entire being. Feel it course through your cells, until all that you remember are the good times, the time you were connected, and in flow & so bloody lucky you just couldn’t believe it. That time you were in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time. 

That’s what your story should be. 

That’s what your story NEEDS to be. 

As soon as that Douchebag Brain mindset says ‘Yes, but remember when THIS happened?’. I want you to stop. Breathe. Recognise what kind of energy comes with the energy. Feel it in your body. 

And tell a new story. 

You are an all knowing, all powerful human being. 

You can change your Life in an instant. 

All you need to do is decide. Decided what you are truly worth. Not because of your past, not because that’s what others have. 

But, because you DECIDE that it is your BIRTHRIGHT to be happy. 

It is your BIRTHRIGHT to be rich. 

It is your BIRTHRIGHT to be successful & loved & protected. 

The Universe is abundant & limitless. Tap in to that energy & allow yourself to be guided to the best life you could imagine. 

And remember, 
Stay Awesome, Be YOU!

xoox Nickib 


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