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I achieve what I believe


I was a right jealous cow when I was younger.

Always wanting what others had.

House. Car.

Their person by their side.



A happy life.

I was stuck in the shittiest relationship imaginable with no understanding how to escape.

👆🏻 Do you notice those key words

Stuck. Escape.

My old pattern of ‘someone please rescue me from my life’ was in full swing and I had no one to turn to.

My best friend had flown off to LA.

My parents were holidaying interstate.

I was completely isolated in the shit life that I believed I deserved.

And then one day, I woke up.

And the mud and shit that I allowed myself to sit in for so many years started to wash away.

And I saved myself.

Every fucking day I chose better for myself.

Until I stood tall, proud and healed from the inside out.

Looking back now I KNOW that I created the entire shithouse experience so that I could be in the space I am in right now.

The space where I am healthy, happy, loving life and have the most beautiful Wife right beside me.

You can have that too.

I feel it.

I know it.

I believe it.

You just need to believe that you deserve the best in life too.

Nickib 💁‍♀️

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