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How to create your own Messenger Bot on Facebook

😢 It happened all too often.

I would put my heart & soul into my latest product or service & send it out to the interwebs.

I would write the facebook posts, share to my personal account, Instagram, and send out the emails with all the links attached.

And waited. And waited. And waited.

And *crickets*

Or worse.

I would recieve messages while I was out (or sleeping) & by the time I responded the person had changed their mind, or started totally ghosting me.

And then Message Bots happened 🤖

And it all made sense to me right from the start.

My creative, writing skills & unique ability to ease peoples fears, worries, stresses around Money & “asking” for Money was like a match made from the Cosmos 🤩

WIth my own Botbuild I no longer feared asking for a sale, instead, I received more messages daily about my offers.

And people signed up. Purchased. Shared with their own networks.

I now CONNECT with my Customers easily, immediately, answering their questions, putting their minds at ease.

Even when I’m sleeping 😴

3 reasons you NEED a Message Bot:

💌 You really want to give exceptional service & value to your customers by never leaving them waiting for a reply.

💌 Easily set up an automatic Welcome post directing your customer to #allyourthings without having to message each one personally with messy links that junk up their messenger inbox

💌 You suck at asking for the sale. Bots take the pressure off you and the control of the purchase in the hands of your ideal customer. You can answer all their concerns with FAQ right from the Bot itself. easy peasy.

Together we can RISE!



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