Go LIVE like a PRO – 6 day bootcamp to kick start your awesomeness

Are you being told to “GO LIVE” but you don’t know what that means?

Is your anxiety so bad that just the THOUGHT of “GOING LIVE” triggers an attack?

Do you wish you could do a video about your life or business, but get scared of being in front of the camera?

I totally get it.

Going LIVE on Facebook is super scary ESPECIALLY when you have anxiety. And now that they have Youtube Live & going LIVE on Instagram? Your anxiety is through the roof right?

I use to have panic attacks before hitting that record button every single time. Sometimes it would take me an hour just staring at the camera, shaking like a leaf before I even said a word #truestory

✅ I now have over 150,000 views on Youtube and Facebook combined & climbing daily.

That’s why I created the Go Live Like a Pro 6 day interactive Bootcamp. I had created my own unique Brand through doing Live Video and I was so tired of seeing my brilliant, smart, funny, talented friends stop themselves from showing The Interwebs how amazing they are because they were scared of what strangers thought of them. 
Now, they are sharing their own incredible brand not with strangers but with their IDEAL CLIENTS & they’ve never looked back.

What you will learn

For 1 week you will learn ALL THE THINGS to make your Live Fb videos amazing

You’ll be in a safe private space where you can practice to your 💗content honing your skills before going public.

You’ll learn EXACTLY what to say and WHEN to say it.  From finding what you REALLY do for work & how to have your ideal client want it.

You’ll learn how to find YOUR audience and what they need from you every time you press record

You’ll connect and network with other Women who are as fierce as you are and as fierce as you want to be.

Your Lives will gain momentum instantly with just 5 easy LIVE recorded interactive lessons!

Learn what apps I use to easily click the record button and stop myself from overthinking & procrastinating.

PLUS!! You’ll also learn:

1️⃣ That you have ALL the power. No one had to see the videos I made if I chose not to share it (which happened a few times #forreal).

2️⃣ You’ll start liking yourself more. Reminding yourself that your harshest critic is YOU and that one could ever judge you harsher than you judge yourself is the first step.. from there it is a walk in the park.

3️⃣ You’ll learn you have something important to say. Hitting that record button is like your very own therapy. You’ll start leaving the self conscious old you behind while stepping in your new role with confidence.

4️⃣ Your confidence will grow. You will start loving making videos (like for reals!) The more videos you will do the more you’ll want to do!

5️⃣ People will start asking you how you are so ‘natural’ in front of the camera. Recognising you have talent and passion for something & that it shines through to others is one of the best feelings in the entire World.

This course is held completely online as a learn-as-you-go course!
The six 40-60minute how to tutorials have been recorded for you.
You have complete LIFETIME ACCESS
You will also receive access to the Private 2018 Go LIVE like a PRO Facebook group
upon enrolling.
PLUS! You receive all the Workbooks & Future Workbooks & Videos that will be updated each year in to the course!
You’ll have access to all course content and future updates forever.

Purchase today for $99us Full Lifetime Access!

My name is
Nicole Suzanne Brown

My Goal is to help you succeed beyond your WILDEST DREAMS!

I teach you #allthethings

This time next year you will have achieved every dream, every goal, every success.

I truly believe that & my #1 is to have you believe that too!

I help you find YOUR Brand.

Network with YOUR Tribe. Attract your ideal client & smash your goals!

I am the Founder of #SOCIALVIBETRIBE – a 2 tiered Membership program for Womenpreneurs who are willing to achieve their dreams & desires.

I create fun interactive Digital Content Courses each and every month that give show you how to do #allthethings & get your mindset shifted to succeed.

I am the writer of several books including “The Meaning of Feathers” & “Passing through Time – conversations with the Other Side” (available on Amazon).

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