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Decluttering.. it’s all about the Handbag

Are you holding on to something that you didn’t even know you were holding on too to avoid what was really going on inside?

That’s the thoughts that came through like a wave this morning while I was taking my morning Crystal Bath. And it felt like it struck me like lightning. Because I instantly knew what I was needing to do. And had avoided for days/weeks/months.

You see. I’ve been avoiding my handbag. That pretty little mess that slings across my shoulder, pleasant to all who view her, was hiding a deep dark secret inside. 

She’s been with me everywhere. From across Oceans & Valleys. She’s travelled through Germany & London, up to Scotland and back Down Under to the Gold Coast again. She’s seen more frequent flyer miles than most of my family combined.

I had no idea what the fuck was in her. 


Sure I could haphazard a guess. There would be a pen [ no doubts ] & a shit ton of receipts & business cards from our latest adventuring down to the Burleigh Markets on the weekend. There is probably a few accidentally unwrapped extra chewing gum packets hidden deep in her corners & a few ‘most not forget to post these’ cards/notes/reminders too.

But as far as good old solid cash? No clue. 

Which made me sit up & take notice. 

How could I say that I was a Mindset Manifesting Queen when I avoided cleaning out my handbag at all costs? 

What was I scared to find? Or, was it that I feared there would be nothing TO FIND & that’s what I was avoiding? 

Life, The Universe & Everything ALWAYS gives us what we want, what we need & how we want to feel.

But what if what I wanted to feel was that I didn’t want to know? What then?

The Avoidance Game.

We have the ability within us to be an all knowing, all powerful Human Being. That’s our birthright. Plain & simple. 

And within that ability we need to take RESPONSIBILITY for our own actions. But what happens when our actions are clearly just avoidance techniques so we don’t have to face what we fear? What then?

How do we get past it? Move on from it? Grow, Learn, Evolve? 

I sat with this for a long time [ 2 hour baths are not uncommon when contemplating my navel ] & I truly feel I came up with the answer.

By just saying “IT’S OK” that you don’t know. You take the fear & energy of shame, blame & guilt away. And you are just left with the thing. The thing you have been avoiding. And it’s actually not THAT big. 

You are able to honestly say that it’s OK, not to have ALL your shit together right this moment. But you are aware of it, and you aware that you are avoiding it. And you know just like any creative energy force, there WILL come a day where you will need to face it head on. 

Today may not be that day. Tomorrow either.

When You Are Ready.

But when you are ready. When that time has come for you to face what you have been avoiding for far too long, Life, The Universe & Everything creates a space for you to deal & heal with it. And it could be as simple as cleaning out your Handbag to create space for Money to flow, to stay, to build, to nourish & to heal.

Clean out your Handbag Energetically.

Do me a favour. Go grab your handbag/purse. Sit at the Kitchen table [ after all that’s where we first learned to be nurtured & fed ] & pull everything out of it.

Yup. Everything. And notice what theme has happened since you last cleaned out your bag.

Is it all YOUR stuff? Or are you carrying around someone else things [ for safe keeping? ]

Did you find something you have been missing? Are there lids for pens, and pens with no lids?

Was there anything of significance in there? Does that what your Life right now feel like? 

Create Put Back & Throw Piles. 

Can you start to see how much SPACE you would have if you just let go of a few things?

How about that membership card to the club you joined so you could get 2 for 1 cocktails in the year 2015? 

What about ALL THOSE RECEIPTS that have taken up space where your Money could be? Do you need to hold on to them, or have you just put them back in there out of habit? 

How about your coins? Are they weighing you down? Stick all those silvers in a jar. Now. Isn’t that much lighter feeling energetically already?

A Gold Coin Donation

Over the last few months we have started becoming habitual of saving all our Gold Coins. And now have a sweet little adventure box of goodness that we are using as our Christmas fund. At first it was hard, & to be fair makes me itchy every time I go past & don’t count it. But now, seeing that pile grow almost daily, it creates an energy around us that we ALWAYS have Money within arms reach. 

Can you see how that can change your entire outlook on Life?

KNOWING you are looked after.

KNOWING that Money is always there. 

KNOWING that no matter what, you still have enough. 

And then there’s this.

Once I started cleaning out my handbag, something magical happened. I started finding Money. A few coins here & there, then the $5 I had put in the seperate pocket a while back, the winning scratchy I had forgotten to cash in last month. It all started adding up. 

Once we CLEAR the space. Money comes in. 

I will say that again so it really TRULY sinks in. 

Once we get CLEAR, MONEY appears. 

Now if that knowledge didn’t just give you tickles in your undies I don’t know what will. 

So get clear today. 

Clear out the clutter. 

Find what you think you are missing. 

And watch that Money start flowing in. 

And remember 
Stay Awesome – BE YOU!












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